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Q1. How to download and install SecureAPlus ULTIMA10X on my computer?

Sol – You can download SecureAPlus ULTIMA10X either through Direct Download, Referral Email or Social Media Platform. You can click on the link below –


After which, locate the folder in which you have downloaded and stored the installer file.  Double-click on the installer file to launch the installer.

To get a longer explanation you would have to go to one of our support pages. In order to do so, click here http://www.secureaplus.in/downloads/usermanual


Q2. What kind of platform does SecureAPlus ULTIMA10X support?

Sol- SecureAPlus ULTIMA10X supports the following platform:

  • Windows 10 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8.1 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 8 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows 7 Home Basic and above (32-bit and 64-bit) and above
  • Windows XP SP3 (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Vista SP2 and above (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2003 R2 SP1 and above (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 SP1 and above (32-bit and 64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2008 R2 and above (64-bit)
  • Windows Server 2012 (64-bit)
  • Windows Server R2 2012 (64-bit)

System Configuration:

  • 2 GHz Pentium 4 or higher processor
  • 1GB of RAM or as recommended by the Windows OS whichever is higher
  • 300 MB hard disk free space or more
  • Local hard disk that is formatted with NTFS file system.
  • Minimum screen resolution: 1024×768

Q3. Is Universal AV used only for scanning purpose? Does it use other approaches (behavior analysis, virtualization, etc.) to determine whether or not the file is bad?

Sol – The Universal AV only does scanning at this moment. During the full system scanning process, fingerprints (hashes) of program files (dll, exe and script) will be uploaded to the Universal AV server for scanning.

Once virus is detected, SecureAPlusULTIMA10X will alert and prompt the user whether to quarantine or delete or ignore the infected. Universal AV is good for enterprise customer as it is able to identify the specific infected computers or servers within an organization.


Q4. What will happen if there is a delay in detection?

Sol -A new virus strain will only be detected once its virus signature is created. How soon the virus can be detected by any antivirus software depends on the frequency of the virus signature update and the scheduled/manual scanning by the users.

With Universal AV, however, you no longer need to worry about the outdated virus signature. It continuously scans your computer in the background in the cloud. So upon the very first detection of the virus by one of the antivirus engines, you will be notified.To get a longer explanation you would have to go to one of our support pages. In order to do so, click here http://secureaplus.in/universalav

Q5. Does SecureAPlus intend to run block mode (scan files before they are accessible) or charge mode (making a list of files to scan while letting the user use them freely at the same time)?

Sol – SecureAPlusULTIMA10X runs more like a charge mode. The same file will be continuously and automatically scanned by Universal AV without requiring any user’s intervention.

Q6. When a file is updated, will the file with the same filename and different hash be scanned online again and treated as unknown?

Sol – When a file is updated, if it is the same filename and different hash, it will be treated as untrusted by default.

But there are some exceptions:

  • If the file is updated by a trusted installer, the new file will be automatically trusted.
  • Based on the Trust by digital signature setting, the file can be automatically adjusted as trusted if the certificate is trusted.


Q7. I have to upload the program files to Universal AV server. Will my privacy be compromised?

Sol- Your privacy will not be compromised since SecureAPlusULTIMA10X only uploads the fingerprints (hashes) of all the program files (exe, dll and scripts) from your computer. None of your documents or personal data or working files is uploaded. This is indicated clearly in SecureAPlusULTIMA10X End User License Agreementand the Privacy Policy.

Q8.Will my computer stay protected if I am offline?

Sol – If you are offline, your computer will be protected by SecureAPlusULTIMA10XApplication Whitelisting and Offline Antivirus. Application Whitelisting protects your computer from new, advanced and stealthy malware while Offline Antivirus detects and removes known malware.

Q9. Is the uploading of hashes a tedious process?

Sol – After successful installation of SecureAPlus ULTIMA10Xon your computer, the full system scan of your computer will start. During the full system scanning process, the fingerprints (hashes) of the program files (executable) will be uploaded automatically and only once. Subsequently, if there is any software update or new software installation on your computer, the fingerprints (hashes) of these new program files (executable) will be uploaded. Similarly, this is only a one-time upload. All the uploading are done in the background and is transparent to the users.

Q10. How can SecureAPlusULTIMA10X Universal AV protect my computer from very advanced rootkit?

Sol- Rootkit, by definition, is loaded at the operating system level and can stay well-hidden on a user’s computer without being detected by the antivirus client for several years. But once the rootkit is uploaded to SecureAPlus Universal AV Server, it can be easily detected since it is not being executed at the Universal AV server and cannot hide itself.

Q11. How long does the full system scanning of my computer hard disk take to finish?

Sol -The speed of the full system scanning process may vary from one computer to another and is subjected to the size and the number of files and applications stored on your computer.

Q12. When I restart or shut down my computer in the midst of the full system scanning process, will the full system scanning process be able to resume after the computer has started?

Sol – Yes, it will resume.


Q13. When will an application be trusted?

Sol – Only applications which have their certificate listed under the “Trusted Certificate” list will be trusted.

Q14. I do not want to be prompted for further actions on untrusted files, what should I do?

Sol – You can have your Application Whitelisting mode set to Lockdown mode.

Q15. When Application Whitelisting prompts me on a certain unknown file that tries to run, what should I do?

Sol – When you are prompted by an “Application Whitelisting” pop-up window for any unknown file that is trying to run, first check whether the file is signed. Then click on the “More >>” button in the pop-up window to view more details. It will show you the file is being run by which application. If you are not running any application and yet you receive such prompt, there is a high chance that this application is harmful or may even be a malware that may infect your computer. It is therefore advisable not to trust it.

Q16. I was trying to install a new software but Application Whitelisting kept prompting me for further action, why did this happen and how can I stop this?

Sol – You will get the prompt when attempting to install any new and unsigned software that is not found in the “Trusted Certificates” list. At the “Application Whitelisting” pop-up window, click on the “More >>” button, then check “Remember my answer for this entire process.” After that, you will not get any more prompts.

Alternatively, you can set the installer as “Trusted Installer” before running the installation. By doing so, all the new files created by this installation will be automatically set to “Trusted Applications” and will be able to run smoothly without any more prompting.

Q17. Will the files on the external drive get whitelisted automatically?

Files on the external hard drive will not get whitelisted automatically. So when you run any file from the external hard drive, SecureAPlusULTIMA10X will prompt you whether to trust the file. Choose “Yes” to trust the file only when you are sure it is reliable. It will then be whitelisted and you will not get any more prompting from SecureAPlusULTIMA10X.

Q18. Will installing SecureAPlusULTIMA10X remove my existing antivirus software? Do I need to uninstall my existing antivirus software before installing SecureAPlus?

Sol –SecureAPlusULTIMA10X works well with any other antivirus software and therefore, you do not have to uninstall their existing antivirus software. You can have the option to use SecureAPlusULTIMA10X jointly with their existing antivirus software to provide an added layer of defense.

Q19. When SecureAPlusULTIMA10X finds a threat during scanning, what should I do?

Sol -You will be given options to either allow or quarantine or remove the threat.

Q20. Does SecureAPlusULTIMA10X’s Application Whitelisting protect computer from Advanced Persistent Threats (APT)?

APT usually strike by creating new executable files to inject malicious code onto a victim’s computer. SecureAPlusULTIMA10X Application Whitelisting is able to protect computer from APT as long as the new executable files that it has created are not trusted.

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