Having an Anti-Virus Software is Simply Not Enough Anymore

SecureAPlus Takes Security Up Several Notches

More Reliable Detection Rates

Instead of relying on a single source, we’ll check against multiple AntiVirus engines. This means you always get a second opinion whenever we detect a possible malware or virus.

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Control Which Application Runs

We understand it’s hard to know what can harm your PC all the time but that it’s a lot easier knowing what can’t.

Run only the applications you trust by whitelisting them. You’ll only be prompted when an untrusted application tries to run.

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One Minute Full System Scans

After SecureAPlus completes the Initial Full System Scan, all further Full System Scans take less than a minute to finish.

The scanning happens in the cloud so your PC barely needs to do anything. No slow downs, just pure security.

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More than Just an Anti-Virus

SecureAPlus is NOT JUST any Anti-Virus – It is the NextGEN Anti-Malware Protection. At its very core it is the best Application Whitelisting software in the market.


The Easiest Application Whitelisting Software Around

Setting it up is simple. SecureAPlus automatically creates your initial whitelist from applications you already trust and run.

And updating the whitelist with new apps launching for the first time is also easily done on the fly at just a click of a button.

SecureAPlus Puts Viruses and Malware at Your Mercy

Whether you unknowingly launched them yourself or when they try to outsmart you by autorunning in the background – it doesn’t matter.

SecureAPlus will stop all untrusted applications and force them to ask for your permission.

Powerful Application Whitelisting for Everyone

Application whitelisting is so secure that enterprises hire IT personnel to implement and manage it. With SecureAPlus, anyone can maintain a whitelist.

Be Empowered by the Best Engines Around

Analyze potential threats blocked by Application Whitelisting using multiple Anti-Virus engines in the cloud with Universal AV.

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The NextGEN Anti-Malware Protection

Trust or Block with Full Confidence

Know better whether a file is potentially a virus or malware without worrying much about false positives..


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