Who Is It For?

It’s For Everyone

No matter who or what you do, SecureAPlus is right

for just about anybody with a computer.

It’s Effective. It’s Efficient. It’s Friendly.

Find Out How SecureAPlus Fits You

For Family

We Provide 360º Protection for Mums, Dads and the Kids

  • Friendly interface with military grade security measures that ensure all unknown applications are scanned and authorised before running
  • 24/7 full system scans with Universal AV for maximum protection against the newest digital threats that can harm your home computers
  • Get the bigger picture by getting important security status updates for all your home computers with the SecureAPlus portal and Email alert*
  • Lockdown mode allows full control over non-admin users that prevents potentially harmful new apps from running on your children’s accounts

For Work

We Streamline Security for Increased Productivity

  • Experience little to zero down time with swift, full system scans on startup that take less than 1-minute
  • Get 100% protection from online and offline threats through the Universal AV and our hassle-free Application Whitelisting
  • Efficient and effortless security solution that requires less hardware resources and minimal intervention from your Network/IT engineer
  • Absolute clarity with security status notification from all office machines with the SecureAPlus portal and email alert*

For The Creatives

We Handle Security so You can Focus on Your Craft.

  • Fast and non-obstrusive full system scans upon startup ensures that your computer is immediately ready for your next masterpiece
  • Harness your hardware’s full potential on your creative applications like Premiere, Photoshop or 3D Max, by leveraging the power of the cloud with Universal AV
  • Update or upgrade your creative software with minimal interruptions using the smart and hassle-free Application Whitelisting

For The Students

WWe Protect Your Hard Work to Secure Your Future

  • Protect your school work on and offline with a reliable anti-virus solution
  • Maximize your time for study and play with swift, full system scans so fast, you don’t notice it happening
  • Protects your external devices & personal computers from viruses that spread on campus computers
  • Have complete and safe control over the software running on your computer in a modern, clean & simple user interface

For The PC Enthusiast

We Perfect Security for Optimum Hardware Performance

  • Full control of your executable with powerful & manageable Application Whitelisting
  • Extend your digital security with more than 10 Anti-Virus engines running 24/7 in the cloud
  • Minimum impact on performance to save precious resources for your important processes
  • Upgraded system security with Application Whitelisting & Universal AV that works with your preferred Anti-Virus

For The Gamers

We Enable Maximum Security with Unparalleled Gaminge

  • Unlock the full potential of your gaming hardware securely with the lightest Application Whitelisting solution the market has to offer
  • Blazingly fast full system scans upon boot up so you can get to gaming faster
  • Harness the power of the cloud that combines more than 10 Anti-Virus engines for a fully secure and level gaming experience
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